Saturday, 14 April 2012

Love wan tintin :)

The hot flushes…, anxiety when he’s not there…, the smile when you do see him . You just feel beautiful when he’s around. You could both be silent all day long but the unspoken words just linger in the air…, the beginnings of a love story are so sweet!

You could say anything and be sure you had a listening ear whose absolute concern is that you divulge your fears, aspirations and concerns. All will be dissipated and dissected as the case may be. In return, you were the opinion giver. Looking at every angle and proffering alternatives where needed. It was a chore. One chore you gladly got on with.

There is nothing wrong with unconditional love. Absolutely nothing! Especially in the formative days of the relationship. If it’s beginning to get serious, I advice you get down from the clouds for a moment and assess the quirks you can live with and those you need to have a serious conversation about. I like to think I am a lover who is, in most cases not blind to the faults of my partner. It’s so easy to get carried away by the emotions of the day; refusing to see your object of affection as who he/she is- HUMAN! I just think that will be setting yourself up for disappointment because when the chips are down, all those little things you used to think does not matter will stare at you in the face- refusing to let you see past them and focus on the love of your life. What are you gonna do then?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I Praise God (Moyinoluwa)

I cry for a child unloved.
You were the strongest of them all,
For a loved child has everything.

I feel so lost.
How could you leave me alone?
Am I not to lead the way?

I taste the sourness of a love un-suckled,
My breast heavy at knowing that was your last.
Your father’s loins downcast,
Thinking you were almost a waste.

I get solace in your journey,
Your life put mine on the path
The path I would forever cherish
For I knew you before I lost you.

I praise God for the bliss of ignorance,
The greatest test of faith.
God knows the reason for your journey.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Giving when you think you’ve got nothing left to give…

Recently, a good friend of mine had some major money issues which needed to be dealt with within the shortest possible time. He wasn’t forthcoming in throwing it into the atmosphere because we live in a society where fraud is the order of the day but this was a life-threatening issue so there was no way he would keep this pain to himself and let things go without a fight (not if I have anything to do with it).

Anyway, this got me thinking how we have so much to give in any human endeavour or circumstance even when we think we can’t. It’s strange…. human nature, there’s so much inside of us that’s waiting to manifest and conquer whatever comes along but for some reason, mainly due to fear…of the unknown?..., of failure?..., of success?..., of over-exposure?..., we just get caught in a web which keeps us stuck in one position. Paralyzed to our bones, we refuse to move even out of freewill.
Sometimes I have this problem, a situation where my guts tell me to take things one step at a time…., one touch at a time…, one person at a time…, one life at a time… yet due to mind tricks, external factors (like what would the world say, or what would my family/friends think?) and happenings in my environment I sometimes just refuse to empty myself.

The sad part of the matter is that the soul takes care of itself regardless of the number of times we empty it due to giving of our self. The truth is that we can never give enough because we’re made up of this infinite mass that can never die even after our last breathe. Besides, if we are fortunate to make it till the next day, we wake up to a newly replenished soul ready to do it all over again. How does God do it? I don’t want to know!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

WORLD CUP: The aftermath!

It’s no more news that the Federal government has banned Nigeria from playing International competitions for the next two years pending a probe of expenses made by the NFF and probable injunction if found wanting. I know all this is coming from the backlash suffered by the National team in South Africa 2010.

As much as I think this is the right thing to do, I am a bit reluctant in applauding this route because of our lackadaisical approach to change. After 2years would we still have the same crooked structure of appointment into NFF? Accountability is important still. How will this be addressed even after the spring cleaning session, otherwise overtime I suspect we will be back to status quo? Maybe funds should be raised from the private-sector (at least FIFA can’t fault companies wanting to know how their monies are spent?) rather than by the government?! Maybe, we should even ask FIFA to take up providing funds for football administration all together, what'ya think? ;)

The most corrupt yet unaccountable sector in Nigeria’s economy is the civil service (even if I say so myself!) and the NFF board members are (s) elected from that platform so make your own deductions. Granted, we are a country of talents abound but when appropriate authorities refuse to do the proper thing by scouting and harnessing youths from the streets who are hungry for money and success. Youths who would draw blood for any inkling of results (or goals as in this case) as much as they can muster because their future and that of their family depends on it. Instead in Nigeria my country, like in every other sphere of our lives, we collect bribes to have players on our squad or even do quota-sharing into teams not considering that the player might not be appropriate for the role in question instead of playing capable hands for the jobs.

I can almost bet that we wouldn’t have made the qualifiers for the next World Cup in 2014 anyway at the rate NFF is being run. Considering that we all know that age group competitions are not played by those of the appropriate age range in Nigeria, what are we to lose from this ban anyway…? Definitely a little less than we imagine considering the unnecessary monetary loss we’ve experienced thus far. I cringe to imagine that ₦900million has “disappeared” towards this World Cup campaign. Now imagine these same monies spent appropriately (“appropriately” being the key word) on other ailing sports?

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A curious case of the 62 Senators and other stories...

The last few weeks have been such an eerily funny one in the life of the average Nigerian. It just goes to show the idiosyncrasies of the political space called Nigeria and the rot caused by corruption one day at a time since the period of the oil windfall in the ‘70s.

I heard in the news about the 62 Nigeria senators who left their duty posts in Abuja to watch the world cup in South-Africa. Quick questions: On who’s bill? So who legislates while they’re away in South-Africa? Do they still get their sitting allowance in absentia? The ones left to man the posts at home have not faired any better either: Did you hear about the “boxing championship” between the “11-strayed reps” and “Honourable” Dimeji Bankole? Chei! I no fit laff! If I'm to make a wild guess on the reason for the chaos, someone did not get their complete loot of the National treasury hence this rebellion. QED!

I’ve been busy… watching the world cup and I am disappointed (as if I should expect more sef) at the dismal record of the “Super Chickens” (according to popular opinions even though come to think of it, they haven't proved anyone wrong for saying so).
Against Argentina, I thought they gave “a good account” of themselves albeit the scoreline at full-time because we didn’t expect much from them anyway. We also discovered Vincent Enyeama all over again (thank God for little mercies). We were generous enough in the second match against Greece to give them two whole football records on our watch: 1st scores and 1st win in the world cup. We also discovered a new word in the Naija vocabulary: “Kaita- A man who single-handedly hindered the hope of his country for reasons best known to him.” LWKMD! South Korea was at least determined not to let a bunch of unprepared players take what they had spent 4years preparing for and I think they deserved that move to the next round.

In the run-off to this tournament, I heard about the hotel accommodation which we paid for but never utilized. I also read in the dailies about the 14committees set up by Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) in SA for unwarranted “chores” like protocol, food, sleep, clean yansh, chop money, organize wuruwuru amongst others (anything to dispense FIFA and govt. funds na, ;)). I also know we gave money to a “ghost” friendly-match organizer who “disappeared” into thin air a few days before match kick-off. Even the chartered aircraft paid for by the NFF to fly the team refused to grow wings not to talk of fly them to SA. Ha! Na wa for Naija!!!

I think it is high time public office holders are held accountable for decisions and expenses made on behalf of their constituencies otherwise the ridiculous amount of misappropriated funds will keep increasing until somebody really gets tired and takes the law into their hands. Shikena!

All said, I’m now ready to watch real football matches and at least cheer the better side. I heard a rumour that a “great pastor” predicted that Ghana will make it to the semi-finals. As much as I’m not a fan of all these predictions, I do want Ghana to get there and even farther…. It's been a long time coming and they deserve it.

Let the real games begin!!!

Friday, 11 June 2010

It’s time for Africa!!!

“Zima zima zangalewa…”, I remember growing up watching some two clownish-looking musicians singing this song on TV…it was an anthem then because of the fun nature of the video. I also remember chorusing it at morning workouts during my NYSC camp days….
I see the Shakira version and can’t help but be excited all over again. This time, it is the world cup and Africa is hosting! I love me some soccer so adrenaline is pumping. I know I’m probably setting myself up for a likely disappointment since our run up to this world cup qualification has been tipsy-turvy to say the least but then I am unashamedly Nigerian and hope runs in my veins so maybe just as it is South Africa’s time to host, it is Nigeria’s time to win the world cup?! I can’t wait……

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I have noticed two small rats in the kitchen and the sitting room and they’ve been disturbing me in the last two weeks. They’re so tiny you could almost crush them unknowingly but yours truly is a woose so I can’t hurt a fly… literarily. lol! So, I have had to devise a plan for avoiding seeing them, at least until I can figure out a painless and odourless way to get rid of them. I’ll call up my young best friend who lives next door anytime I need to pick up anything in those two rooms.

I’m sure she won’t like this arrangement but she would do anything for me….I think? ;)